2017 Office Design Trends

Some 2017 Office Design Trends We’ve Noticed

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With the year starting to slowly wind down, here are some of the 2017 office design trends

As we start to close the year,  2017 office design trends have been all about one thing, Millennials. First of all, this generation wants a career that offers a sense of purpose and contributes to the greater good. Given this reality, workplace designers should consider how the workspace can embody these goals and how they can visually be represented in the space. And similarly to the importance of authenticity-centered design, a company’s commitment to their community and their contributions to society can be incorporated into branding.

Open Floor Plan

open floor plan

Open floor plans can foster a community setting, encouraging collaboration and teamwork to occur organically. They allow leaders and their people to work amongst one another, breaking down barriers in communication and workflow. Color, temperature, lighting, and floor plan design are key to the success of your open office floor plan.

Splash of Color

splash of color

Color has a powerful impact on human emotion, influencing our mood, thoughts, and even appetite! Take a look at the logos of fast food restaurants… Notice anything? Most are using a combination of red and yellow, because those colors trigger appetite. And so it goes with color choices in the workplace. Proper color choices can increase productivity and overall mood, while bland colors may lead to the opposite. Choose wisely!



This one is a carry-over from 2016, nature is having a serious moment in design. Reclaimed wood, exposed concrete flooring, and incorporating natural lighting in your office can seriously work wonders for your employees.

Communal Work Stations

community work space

People are looking for more interaction at work and in other public settings, including restaurants and hotels where large shared tables are making an appearance. Today, the table emerges


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